Plenary lectures speakers

  • Prof. Robert Armstrong (School of Chemistry Univ.of St. Andrews - UK)
    "Layered Sodium Manganese Oxides for Na-ion Batteries"

  • Prof. Hajime Arai (Tokyo Institute of Technology - Japan)
    "Fast phase transitions in biphasic systems"

  • Prof. Jason Croy (Argone Nat. Lab. - USA)
    "The Fading Promise of High-Energy Cathodes"

  • Prof. Yu-Guo Guo (Inst. of Chem., Chinese Academy of Sciences - China)
    "Solid-state lithium metal batteries: electrochemistry, materials and prospects"

  • Prof. Dominique Guyomard (Institut des Matériaux Jean ROUXEL - IMN- France)
    "Towards safe solid state Li metal rechargeable batteries with ionogel electrolytes"

  • Prof. Mathieu Morcrette (Lab. React. Sol. Univ of Picardie - France)
    "Several routes for tuning the redox shuttle effect in Li/S batteries"

  • Prof. Rosa Palacin (ICMAB Barcelone -Spain)
    "The long and winding road towards Ca-based batteries"

  • Prof. Kristin Persson (Lawrence Berkeley Nat.Lab. - USA)
    "Li Transport Limitations and Opportunities in the Layered Mn-rich, Li excess Cathodes"

  • Prof. Marnix Wagemaker (Dep. of Rad. Sc. & Tech., Delft Univ of Tech. - Nederland)
    "Li-ion transport in Li-ion and solid state batteries,  direct observations from Neutron Depth Profiling and solid state NMR"

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